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These unique, hand-crafted dragons are carefully formed from stoneware clay and measure approximately 11cm in height. There are two types of dragon - incense dragons and tea-light dragon. The incense dragons sit over a little ceramic dish which contains the incense cone. Once lit, the dragon breathes smoke through his nostrils. The tea-light dragons have holes in their stomachs. They are placed over a small coaster, on which the tea-light is placed. The light can be seen through the holes and creates fascinating shadows in darkened rooms.

Each dragon is fired to 1000°C. They are hand-coloured and re-fired to over 1200°C, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All glazes used are non-toxic.

Every dragon is handmade without the use of moulds and is therefore completely unique.  The tail may bend differently, the arms may be in a slightly different position, the ears may be slightly larger or smaller but each will be beautiful. These irregularities are due to the handmade process & represent the fingerprints of the maker, helping to tell the story of the item’s creation and enhancing the beauty, individuality & personal feel in each piece.

Each dragon is named and comes with its own name plaque. There is also a Facebook page where owners of these dragons can interact and post photos of the dragons in their new homes.

*Remember to protect surfaces as the dish containing the incense cone gets hots when in use.

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